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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During A Treatment?

At your first appointment a consultation will be carried out. This is so that we can discuss your general lifestyle and any medication that you may be currently taking. you will remain fully clothed for Reflexology or Reiki, other that the removal of shoes and socks. I will then make you comfortable on the treatment couch for the treatment to begin.

How Will I Feel During A Treatment?

With any of the treatments you should feel comfortable and relaxed. Some people fall asleep during a treatment whilst others like to chat. As the treatment start to make you feel relaxed you may notice that your stomach starts to make rumbling noises. This is a sign that you are relaxing and is perfectly normal.

During Reflexology there may at times be areas on the foot which feel tender or bruised. This is just a sign that the reflex is unbalanced and I will continue to work on that reflex until it is balanced.

Reiki is a very individual experience. Some people will feel a change in temperature as my hands are placed on or above your body. If there is an area that is unbalanced you may feel an increase in heat in that particular area. As you lay with your eyes closed you may see colours. Not everyone feels or sees anything but that doesn't matter as you will still be receiving the healing benefits of Reiki.

How Will I Feel After A Treatment?

How you will feel varies from person to person and treatment to treatment. After one treatment you may feel relaxed, sleepy, thirsty. You may feel the need to urinate or open your bowels more often that usual. Sometimes you may feel invigorated and full of energy after a treatment.
It is important to drink plenty of water after a treatment to help release any toxins which may have been released during the treatment.

How Many Treatments Should I Have and How Often?

If you are hoping that reflexology will help with a condition that you have had for a long time, it may be that it takes several sessions before you feel that your body is starting to balance and heal itself. If you have an acute condition it may be that you feel the benefits of the treatment after the first session. All of this can be discussed at your consultation, or on the phone before you make an appointment.
It is usually recommended to have a treatment once a week for four to six weeks, followed by one treatment a month to maintain.
Some people prefer to keep having treatments once a week or every two weeks, but that is entirely up to you.
There are others who have reflexology as and when, purely for relaxation and to help them have a better nights sleep.

Is It Safe To Have A Treatment Whilst I Am Pregnant?

Yes it is. I am insured to treat pregnant ladies from beginning to end. However, it is important that we discuss your past and current health, whether the pregnancy is progressing without complications and any previous pregnancies you may have had before starting treatments.
Some ladies tell me that they have found that the treatments have helped to keep them relaxed during their pregnancy and has helped with some of the usual, non serious problems experienced during pregnancy.

Where Are You Based?

I have a dedicated treatment room at my home

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